R/V Sally Ride completes builder’s trials

Written by Nick Blenkey
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The Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research vessel R/V Sally Ride (AGOR 28) is prepared for a christening ceremony at Dakota Creek Industries, Inc. shipyard in Anacortes, WA

FEBRUARY 26, 2016 — The Navy’s Auxiliary General Purpose Oceanographic Research Vessel (AGOR), R/V Sally Ride (AGOR 28), successfully completed builder’s trials, Feb. 21, off the coast of Anacortes,WA.

The trials tested various shipboard systems and ensured readiness prior to acceptance trials with the U.S. Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey. The propulsion system, mission-over-the-side handling equipment, anchor handling system, and work/rescue boat launch system were among the systems successfully demonstrated.

“R/V Sally Ride performed remarkably well during builder’s trials these past few weeks,” said Mike Kosar, program manager for Support Ships, Boats, and Craft. “Our entire Navy and shipbuilder team have done an outstanding job in preparing the vessel for upcoming acceptance trials.”

Based on a single-hull commercial design, R/V Sally Ride is approximately 238 feet long and incorporates technologies that include high-efficiency diesel engines, exhaust gas emissions controls and new information technology tools both for monitoring shipboard systems and for communications,

Oceanographic Research Vessels provide scientists with the tools and capabilities to support ongoing research, including in the Atlantic, Western Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

The vessel has accommodations for 24 scientists and will operate with a crew of 20.

On delivery, it will be operated by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography under a charter party agreement with Office of Naval Research.

Designed by Guido Perla Associaes, Inc., Seattle, WA, R/V Sally Ride is the second ship of its class built by the Dakota Creek Industries shipyard in Anacortes. The shipbuilder delivered the first, R/V Neil Armstrong (AGOR 27), in September 2015.

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