Dakota Creek AGOR newbuilds to have Siemens diesel electric systems

Written by Nick Blenkey

ocean AGORSiemens Industry, Inc. (NYSE: SI) reports that it has been awarded a contract to supply the two U.S. Navy Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research (AGOR) vessels to be built at shipbuilder Dakota Creek Industries Inc., Anacortes, Wash., with its unique diesel electric propulsion systems.

The two advanced oceanographic research vessels, AGOR 27 and 28, will be outfitted with the Siemens Blue multi-drive low-voltage system which improves reliability through failsafe features that will help lower maintenance costs, increase efficiency and increase ease of operation for the crew. The ship’s advanced design will also decrease fuel consumption, resulting in reduced emissions of greenhouse gases.

Siemens will provide the main generators, main propulsion and thruster motors, switchboards, power management system and its Siemens automation system for alarm, monitoring and control functions, in addition to other condition-based monitoring systems for improved maintenance and reliability. Siemens is responsible for designing, engineering, project managing and commissioning for the diesel electric and automation system.

Designed as single-hull ships, AGOR 27 and AGOR 28 are each approximately 238 feet long and incorporate high-efficiency diesel engines, emissions controls for stack gasses, new information technology tools both for monitoring shipboard systems and for communications.

Each vessel will operate with a crew of 20 with accommodations for 24 scientists.

The construction phase will last 30 to 36 months per ship with delivery expected in late 2014 and early 2015. Once delivered to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and to Scripps Institution of Oceanography, respectively, the ships will allow scientists to continue with ongoing research efforts in the Atlantic, western Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

May 8, 2012

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