FERRIES 2020 goes virtual

Written by Heather Ervin
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Marine Log’s FERRIES 2020 virtual event is ready to kick off next week on November 9-10 from 1 to 4 p.m. EST. The conference will feature a number of expert speakers, a growing list of attendees, and several industry sponsors. Registration for this virtual conference is free.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Women in the Wheelhouse: Passenger Vessels
  • Technology: Ticketing and API-Coherence
  • SCR & DPF Emission Retrofit Systems for Ferries
  • Cybersecurity Demystification for Small Fleets
  • Can U.S. Ferry Operators Start to Take Advantage of Advances in Autonomy Now?
  • Grants for Passenger Ferries
  • The Glosten/Bieker Boats Foil Ferry: Ultra-Efficient & Low Wake
  • Establishing a New Normal Amid COVID-19
  • Current USCG Regulations Impacting Ferries and Passenger Vessel Operations
  • Progress with TxDOT Ferry
  • New Orleans Ferry Operations: An Overview

Now In its 33rd year, FERRIES 2020 comes on the heels of Marine Log’s successful virtual presentation TTB —Tugs, Towboats & Barges conference that took place in August. The event attracted nearly 350 participants —triple the attendance when it was Tugs & Barges. T

Registration info and updates to the FERRIES 2020 agenda can be found HERE.

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