Offshore CCS solution promises to cut oil and gas field emissions

Written by Nick Blenkey
Vessel with Just Catch Offshore installed

Modularized Just Catch Offshore solution can fit into any type of offshore application where gas turbines are used, bottom fixed as well as floating production facilities.

A modularized carbon capture facility that would serve offshore oil and gas fields has received DNV approval. Developed by Aker Carbon Capture and called Just Catch Offshore, it is now ready to be deployed in offshore oil and gas fields, promising to significantly reduce emissions from the gas turbines used for offshore power generation.

“DNV’s recently published Energy Transition Outlook report reveals that carbon capture and storage (CCS) is indispensable for global decarbonization efforts, across multiple industry sectors,” said Jørg Aarnes, global lead, hydrogen and CCS, energy systems at DNV. “We are pleased to provide validation of the technology in a frontier application area – power generation in the offshore sector. DNV has validated that Aker Carbon Capture’s modular technology Just Catch Offshore can capture CO2 from flue gas stemming from turbines on floating offshore installations.”

Oil and gas production is a significant source of CO2 emissions. In Norway, the industry accounted for 25 percent of the country’s total emissions in 2021, according to Statistics Norway. As operators are looking for ways to reduce their own emissions, offshore CCS is emerging as a competitive alternative.

The Aker Carbon Capture proprietary solution is considered fit for harsh weather conditions with severe motions, according to the DNV qualification and the Just Catch Offshore solution is now ready to follow a traditional field development project path, including a FEED phase, EPC delivery and operational support.

Aker Carbon Capture has been working on the development of Just Catch Offshore since 2018. The product has been optimized and matured through concept studies with E&P and FPSO operators in the oil and gas industry globally. The company says the modularized solution can fit into any type of application where gas turbines are present, bottom fixed as well as floating production facilities, i.e. FPSOs, FLNG, power hubs and offshore power gas plants.

The standardized Just Catch Offshore offering is based on a modularized design with two standard units of 120 and 180 kTPA as building blocks. The units are typically configured and installed into one module. By combining modules, the capacity can be increased and adjusted in accordance with the specific requirements, providing a significant flexibility towards capture capacity and power demand.

“The CCS module will typically be prefabricated and be made mechanical complete before lifted onboard onto the host facility at the integration yard for further hook-up to the gas turbine stacks, with a delivery time of 20-24 months,” said Jim Stian Olsen, CTO at Aker Carbon Capture.

Currently, Aker Carbon Capture is delivering an onshore Just Catch EPC project for a waste-to-energy facility in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

“The proven Just Catch onshore plant model has been an important starting point for the development of our Just Catch Offshore solution,” said Olsen. “Nonetheless, as the offshore environment and the design criteria are different from our land-based applications, we found it necessary to undertake a qualification program for our Just Catch Offshore unit. The need to include other materials, as well as the necessity to handle and maintain the plant performance during severe motions have been important criteria for further design adjustments.”

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