NASSCO and Navantia in offshore wind MOU

Written by Nick Blenkey
Navantia Seanenergie

Navantia Seanenergie has built up considerable experience on a number of European offshore wind projects.

GD NASSCO is eyeing its opportunities in the offshore wind sector. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Navantia Seanenergies division of Spanish state-owned shipbuilder Navantia that will see the two companies explore combining NASSCO’s manufacturing capabilities and Navantia’s offshore wind experience.

In an announcement that thus far is only available in Spanish, Navantia says the agreement was signed by the director of Navantia Seanergies, Javier Herrador, and GD NASSCO president David J. Carver.

According to Navantia the agreement contemplates the manufacture of components and the assembly of floating foundations for offshore wind projects in the US, combining the knowledge and experience of almost a decade of Navantia in the offshore wind sector, and the capabilities of the shipyard located in San Diego, California, as well as nearby port facilities and other locations for future offshore wind development on that coast and on the east coast.

GD NASSCO has yet to say much about its offshore wind plans, other than putting a post on its Facebook page saying that “NASSCO is looking forward to contributing to the fast-growing offshore wind market” and pointing to a San Diego Union Tribune story.

That story quotes GD NASSCO as saying that it will compete for contracts to build the installation and support ships that will be needed to create huge wind turbine farms off the U.S. coastline — which is not quite what Navantia said.

Meantime, we can expect more West Coast companies to start paying attention to the offshore wind market. BOEM’s first California offshore wind lease sale attracted $757 million in high bids and, because floating wind solutions will be needed, is widely seen as opening up a whole new range of opportunities.

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