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World Fuel Services upgrades Falmouth, U.K., location

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Falmouth harbor

JUNE 25, 2018 — World Fuel Services says it is preparing to meet customer needs beyond 2020 with a recent investment at its Falmouth, U.K., supply location and the introduction of a new supply vessel.

WFS currently stores and supplies marine diesel and fuel oil from Falmouth, which has the deepest harbor in Western Europe and provides an advantageous position at the start of the European ECA zone, offering ECA-compliant fuel to vessels entering or exiting Europe.

The investment includes an upgrade of the terminal facilities and an extension of existing bunkering options with the introduction of Lizrix, a new 2,200 cu. m capacity cargo vessel, which provides the ability of segregating up to five grades and has a pumping rate of 3-400 cu.m/hr.

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