Podcast: ClassNK talks Carbon Intensity Index compliance

Written by Marine Log Staff
Shimpei Watanabe

ClassNK senior specialist Shimpei Watanabe

In this edition of Marine Log’s Listen Up! podcast, we talk to ClassNK senior specialist Shimpei Watanabe on what shipowners need to do to meet IMO’s Carbon Intensity Index (CII) requirements and the support services and tools ClassNK offers to helping ships stay compliant.


Watanabe is responsible for the development of ClassNK’s solutions for GHG emissions from shipping.

After obtaining a Master’s in Naval Architecture from Osaka University, Watanabe joined ClassNK in 2008 as a Plan Approval Engineer before specializing as a Consultant Engineer in ship energy efficiency from 2012.

In 2018, he was appointed Project Leader, EU MRV/IMO-DCS software development and business development to lead the development of the “ClassNK MRV Portal” – the society’s compliance support tool for IMO-DCS and EU MRV. In addition to implementing upgrades based on client feedback and evidence-based insights, his expertise has been key in developing ClassNK’s capabilities in GHG analysis, precision in GHG emission simulations and reporting within various frameworks.

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