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MaK to power Maersk COSCO newbuilds

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Part-load optimized M 32 E engine

DECEMBER 2, 2014 — Caterpillar Marine reports that MaK diesel electric propulsion (DEP) solutions have been selected to power the four Maersk Supply Services (MSS) subsea support vessel newbuilds ordered at China’s COSCO (Dalian) Shipyards in August (see earlier story).

Each vessel will be equipped with four MaK M 32 E generator sets with a power output of 4,400 kW each and two MaK 8 M 20 C delivering 1,440 kW each.

The new M 32 E engine solutions have an increased power rating of 550 kW per cylinder @ 720 and 750 rpm, with total output ranging from 3,300 kW for the six cylinder configuration to 4,950 kW for the nine cylinder configuration. Additionally, the M 32 E generator sets feature the recently-introduced constant speed part load kit for the M 32 E, providing fuel savings up to 10 g/kWh with a 3×33% load step capability.

“We’re pleased the high performance, part-load optimized M 32 E power solutions have been selected for the Maersk subsea service vessels,” Alexander Kohse, Caterpillar Marine offshore segment manager noted. “The vessels will benefit from the lowest possible fuel consumption while operating in part load range but still deliver the reliable MaK power in full throttle.”

Designed to carry out subsea cable laying, installation and maintenance, the 138 m MT6027 design subsea service vessels will be rated for operations in water up to 3,000 meters.

Delivery of the first vessels from the shipbuilder is expected in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The MaK engines will be delivered to the shipyard with enhanced safety offerings, such as a high standard exhaust cladding design for surface temperature control. Offering both 720 and 750 rpm, the higher power output M 32 E is well suited for diesel electric propulsion and auxiliary power applications complementing the multi-engine concepts typical in the offshore market. Compared to previous solutions, the new design allows the footprint of the generator set to be substantially reduced.

Besides the higher engine power density, the length and weight of the package has been reduced by more than 15%, without compromising reliability, durability, vibrations and structural borne noise. A seamless integration of the control system into the vessel electronics is ensured by the new modular alarm and control system (MACS). With MACS, the M 32 E can also be integrated with Cat high speed engines in mixed engine rooms by using common Cat Electronics components such as the Cat ADEM A4 engine control module.

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