Marine Log launches offshore multimedia initiative

Written by Heather Ervin
Offshore Wind for Maritime

The Biden administration’s plans to jump-start U.S. offshore wind will generate a boom in demand for specialized Jones Act-compliant vessels and services. Although there are many similarities between the requirements of this emerging market and those of established offshore oil and gas markets, there are also significant differences.

To help give the Marine Log audience the insights needed to meet the needs of the new market, we are launching a trio of multimedia programs that will explore market needs, introduce the players involved, and keep tabs on regulatory changes.

Next week will see the launch of a new weekly offshore marine newsletter that will keep readers updated on the latest offshore news, both from the U.S. and relevant international markets where the latest technology is already being deployed.

And in May, Marine Log will release its first podcast in a series that will focus on the latest in offshore wind farm development, policy and regulation and the implications for U.S. shipyards and vessel operators.

The podcasts are scheduled to run every other month. In alternate months, we will host a series of one-hour live webcast events where Marine Log’s Editor in Chief Heather Ervin will interview leading players in the offshore maritime sector. The audience will be invited to participate in a live Q&A session toward the end of the discussions.

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“We aim to offer our audience a variety of digital outlets where they can watch, listen or read about this emerging industry,” says Ervin. “Not only that, but they will be able to talk to industry leaders, ask them questions, and develop their own takeaways from the content we produce in order to help them make better business decisions or to simply stay more aware of what is happening offshore.”

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