Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight solution in ABS product design assessment first

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Vessel Insight endorsement presentation

L to R: Sharat Valluri, ABS director of technology and Vivek Barve, Kongsberg Digital Inc. area director – Vessel Insight, Americas

Kongsberg Digital’s vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure platform, Vessel Insight, has been awarded an ABS product design assessment (PDA) for SMART(INF) (infrastructure) in accordance with the ABS Smart Functions Guide, in addition to an ABS CyberSafety PDA. It is the first time this combination of endorsements has been awarded by ABS to a single product.

Smart functions, including structural and machinery health monitoring, are increasingly more common on offshore units and marine vessels. The Kongsberg product is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure, capturing and aggregating quality data in a cost-effective and secure way.

The platform provides instant and easy access to overview data, offshore-unit-specific dashboards and data analysis tools to drive sustainability in the offshore and maritime industries by providing actionable insights from analysis of operational vessel data.

The smart infrastructure endorsement from ABS confirms data handling functions with pre-installed hardware and software and expandable sensor interfaces that support the current and future Smart Function implementations.


The Kongsberg Vessel Insight platform is the first to complete a PDA that includes a review by ABS for compliance with the newly released International Association of Classification Societies Unified Requirement E27, which addresses the cyber resilience of ships. This endorsement ensures that the Vessel Insight platform can collect critical data while providing a strong program for cyber resilience to protect the data. The combined Smart and Cyber approval will help build trust among operators and ship owners that the data collected is accurate and that the system provides a robust framework to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyber attacks.

“In offshore and marine operations today, more and more components are connected and reliant on digitally enabled systems that introduce new risks and vulnerabilities into the supply chain,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS senior vice president and chief technology officer. “By addressing the risks early at the individual component and equipment levels, manufacturers can help mitigate potential negative impacts. Our PDAs for Kongsberg Digital provide a comprehensive certification solution that demonstrates their commitment to quality data services, enhanced health and condition monitoring and cybersecurity.”

“It is a great honor to receive these certificates from ABS. This is a validation and great acknowledgement of all the hard work put in by our product team, building a world-class cloud infrastructure that is reliable and secure,” said Sondre Mortensvik, vice president at Kongsberg Digital. “Vessel Insight ensures a consistent and standardized way of collecting data while meeting the highest industry standards for safety and cybersecurity. The safety and integrity of our customers’ vessels are of utmost importance to us, and we invest heavily in cybersecurity and certifications to ensure the highest quality and reliability in our products

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