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Groen orders two more chasers at Damen

Written by Nick Blenkey

astra-gOCTOBER 23, 2013 — Rederij Groen, Scheveningen, The Netherlands, has returned to Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam, part of Damen Shipyards Group, with an order for two more 35 m x 8.7 m seismic research support vessels, or “chasers” for 2014 delivery, with an option for a third, for 2015 delivery.

This follows the delivery of the first two chasers, the Aquarius-G and Astra-G, earlier this year (see earlier report).


Those vessels were Groen’s first purpose-built chasers. Previously it had used converted fishing vessels for the job.

Designed by Saltwater Design in cooperation with the owner and the shipbuilder, their major role is to act as guard vessels, or chasers, and to ensure that other shipping, mainly fishing vessels, keeps at a distance from seismic vessels engaged in offshore exploration as their nets might damage the costly seismic streamers trailing behind the survey vessels.

Like the earlier chasers, the new SRSV’s will often operate alongside other vessels, assisting with ship-to-ship transhipment of goods and equipment.

As seismic research is done at low speeds, stability and maneuverability are of the essence.

The new chasers will be propelled by two Azimuth thrusters, each powered by a 500 kW electric motor. Three Caterpillar gensets will provide electrical power.

Rederij Groen is planning to put the vessels to work in the seismic industry worldwide.

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