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Former OW Bunker traders staff new Dan-Bunkering office

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Rune Pejtersen

NOVEMBER 28, 2014 — Five former OW Bunker traders have found a new home. On Monday, December 1, Dan-Bunkering will open a new Aalborg, Denmark, office.

Staffing it will be a team of five experienced former OW Bunker Traders. Sales Manager Rune Pejtersen, who will be in charge of the office will join the company on January 1, 2015. The others —Senior Bunker Trader Michael Lefevre Andersen, Senior Bunker Trader Anders Krogstrup, Bunker Trader Kamille Bollerup Christensen, and Bunker Trader Emil Lynge Nielsen — will all start work December 1.

“We are delighted to be able to present to the world a strong and to a large extent self-propelled team which is ready to trade from day one. Ahead of us lies the task of incorporating the team in the Dan-Bunkering family and introducing its members to our values and our standards,” says Dan-Bunkering CEO Henrik Zederkof, who already has an extensive introduction plan in place for the five new employees.

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From left: Anders Krogstrup, Kamille Bollerup Christensen, Emil Lynge Nielsen, and Michael Lefevre Andersen

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