FMD and Oceus to co-develop secure portable 5G broadband solution

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Beloit, Wis., based Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD), an Arcline Investment Management portfolio company, and Herndon, Va., headquartered 5G broadband connectivity specialist Oceus have signed a three-year agreement . It will see them co-develop and deploy a reliable, secure, portable 5G broadband kit. Called Remote Connect, it will provide FMD’s maritime defense customers with instant remote connectivity for any device.

The technology provides crews with 5G communications access in some of the world’s most remote locations and in areas with extreme interference, ensuring they maintain mission-critical communications while performing essential ship repairs.

Oceus’s patente private 5G communications technology intelligently optimizes for peak performance and eliminates the complexities of deploying and managing private 5G networks.

“Remote Connect will amplify our FM OnBoard technology, allowing technicians who are working in the engine room and other lower decks to have the same reliable connectivity that is available topside,” said Keith Haasl, vice president of Fairbanks Morse Technology. “This means they can work with FMD’s remote technicians to monitor assets, detect anomalies, and troubleshoot issues from anywhere in the world without losing their connection. This technology showcases FMD’s ongoing commitment to support maritime defense with the best-in-class marine technologies, and we’re looking forward to working with Oceus to identify the many opportunities for this technology.”

Portable 5G broadband kit
Remote Connect portable 5G broadband kit

The Remote Connect portable 5G broadband kit comes in a ruggedized, lightweight case, making it easy to transport. It is instantly deployable from land or sea through a single push-button startup. The battery-powered system will provide over eight hours of active use. When launched, users will have Wi-Fi access through a secure 5G cellular modem and gateway within minutes.

Portable 5G broadband network

“Secure, reliable connectivity is essential for the Navy as the fleet grows and its demand for transmitting data expands,” said Paul McQuillan, Oceus chief of growth and strategy officer. “FMD has a strong network throughout the Navy, Military Sealift Command, and the Coast Guard, which makes them an ideal collaborator to help us expand this technology for mission-critical maritime defense.”

Prior to this agreement, Oceus worked with FMD through the FM Defense Accelerator to refine the portable 5G broadband kit technology and explore various naval applications.

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