Dutch Dredging orders new 2,300 cubic meter TSHD

Written by Marine Log Staff
Dutch Dredging TSHD vessel

New Dutch Dredging TSHD will be an upgraded version of Lesse delivered in 2019. [Photo: Royal IHC]

Sliedrecht, Netherlands, headquartered Baggerbedrijf de Boer – Dutch Dredging BV has awarded Royal IHC a contract for the design and construction of a custom-built trailing suction hopper dredge (TSHD) with a hopper capacity of 2,300 cubic meters. The new TSHD will be an upgrade of the Lesse, a TSHD that was delivered by Royal IHC to Dutch Dredging in 2019 and that has since been working worldwide

Royal IHC has already built four custom-built vessels for Dutch Dredging. The Lesse, the most recently delivered dredge, proved to be a versatile vessel and a good fit for Dutch Dredging’s international projects.

The success of the Lesse, the growing need for fleet expansion and ever more stringent emission requirements in project tenders have led the operator to contract Royal IHC to construct an upgraded version of the Lesse meeting the latest IMO Tier III – Euro Stage V environmental regulations.

“The Lesse is an ideal vessel for maintenance dredging,” says Kees van de Graaf Jr., director of Dutch Dredging. “Thanks to its shallow draft in combination with state-of-the-art dredging technology, our professional crew can dredge optimally. This allows us to work reliably and be very competitive.”

“The collaboration with Royal IHC is running smoothly and with our combined experience we are building a fine new addition to our fleet,” he added.

“It is a textbook example of the best of both worlds coming together,’ said Derk te Bokkel, CEO of Royal IHC. “Dutch Dredging’s operational experience with the Lesse and Royal IHC’s technical expertise formed the basis for design improvements and resulted in a successful upgrade of the Lesse.”

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