WinGD completes type approval testing for new short-stroke engine size

Written by Marine Log Staff
New short stroke engine completes testing

Type approval tests of new short-stroke engine size were carried out at China's Yuchai Marine Power Co. [Photo: WinGD]

Swiss-headquartered engine developer WinGD, a member of the CSSC Group, reports that it has successfully completed type approval and factory acceptance testing for its X52-S2.0 engine, bringing a new option to shipowners in need of compact, medium-bore two-stroke engines. The tests at China’s Yuchai Marine Power Co (YCMP) confirmed the engine’s performance and compliance, with the prototype project also validating the new short-stroke engine’s ease of assembly and maintenance.

The X‑S series succeeds the well-established RT‑flex50 and RT‑flex58 engines and is available in 52-centimeter and 62-centimeter bore sizes, with confirmed orders already for diesel, LNG and methanol configurations and an ammonia fuel option under development. The combination of small footprint and a fuel efficiency of around 10g/kWh lower than equivalent RT‑flex engines ()a savings of around 4% depending on operating profile, make the new short-stroke engine platform well-suited for vessels requiring a compact, medium-bore solution.

“The recent test campaign of this newest X-S engine has confirmed that this series delivers exceptional fuel efficiency and emissions performance,” said Sotiris Topaloglou , head of global testing & validation at WinGD. “We’re proud of the innovations that have enabled this performance. The footprint reduction will drive cost efficiencies while the new concept dramatically simplifies engine construction, installation, maintenance and service. Completing this prototyping and testing phase so efficiently was only possible thanks to our strong partnership with YCMP.”

The X-S series highlights WinGD’s approach to engine development, which is focused on close collaboration with engine builders like YCMP and with innovation rooted in proven technologies. The X-S, for example, uses key components with robust supply chains already well-established across WinGD’s engine portfolio, while drawing on modern engineering and design innovations to reduce the size and footprint while simplifying the maintenance of those components and the overall engine.

The type approval tests followed similar successful tests for the larger X62-S2.0 engine at Dalian Marine Diesel in April. The first order for the X52-S2.0 was received in February 2023 followed by a second order with iSCR, WinGD’s on-engine NOx abatement solution, in July that year.

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