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DSME opts for 3D model based NAPA Steel software

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Ilmo Kuutti, President of NAPA Group (center left) shakes hands with Kwan-Won Sohn, Head of Ship Business Unit at DSME after signing the contract in Geoje

FEBRUARY 6, 2018 — Helsinki, Finland, headquartered software specialist NAPA reports that South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has selected 3D model-based NAPA Steel software to streamline its design processes.

DSME chose NAPA Steel following an extensive benchmarking process involving multiple vendors and will use the software at both the initial design stages, where changes are frequent and designs must be changed rapidly, and detailed design stages, where reliability and usability are paramount. NAPA Steel has a unique capability to adapt to the ongoing changes in the structure design process driving the shift from 2D to 3D modeling.

NAPA Steel is designed to be lightweight enough to handle rapid design changes while providing detailed and accurate results for each design stage. Its consistent principles, wide domain coverage and user experience enable wide use of the models created with the tool, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

NAPA Steel has a solid track record in the design of structures for complex vessels in segments such as cruise shipping.

Since NAPA Steel integrates seamlessly with most classification society software, naval architects and structure designers can use the same model throughout the process of multiple class rule checks, at stages such as plan approval drawings, FE (Finite Element) model generation, and weight calculations. This means that design time can be considerably reduced.

“One of the main reasons DSME was so impressed with NAPA is that they demonstrated technology that went beyond our expectations, rather than just meeting the minimum requirements,” said K. W. Sohn, Head of Ship Business Unit, DSME, “The selection of NAPA Steel marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for our designers. It’s essential that we have the right tools for the job to compete in a market where designers need to react faster than ever in response to complex demands from owners, class societies and international regulators as they create the ships of the future. NAPA Steel gives us the speed, usability and confidence that our designers need to stay at the leading edge.”

Ilmo Kuutti, President, NAPA, commented: “The selection of NAPA Steel by yet another world leading shipyard is evidence of a paradigm shift occurring in vessel design. Using 3D models not only speeds up the process of ship design – it also creates software that is easy to learn, fun to use, and unlocks potential for innovation through collaboration at all stages.

“At the same time, it lays the basis for 3D model-based approval processes. Expanding the user base of NAPA Steel to these engineers shows that this is the direction that structure design is heading – and that we are ready to meet that need.”

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