Stena RoRo orders two more E-Flexers

Written by Nick Blenkey
Two Stena RoRo E-Flexer vesselss

The ship on the top is E-Flexer 11, the one below is E-Flexer 12. They differ in lane meter capacities.

The day after announcing that it was ordering a further E-Flexer RoPax for charter to Canada’s Marine Atlantic, Stena RoRo today reports that it has ordered another pair from Chinese shipyard CMI Jinling (Weihai).

The two latest ships are being built for long-term charters to French ferry company Brittany Ferries. They will operate between Portsmouth in the U.K. and Quistreham (Caen) and St. Malo in France, respectively, two of Brittany Ferries’ primary routes.

The two ships, together with three previously ordered E-Flexer class vessels, will renew and modernize Brittany Ferries’ current fleet of cargo and passenger ships. The first ferry, the Galicia, was delivered in the autumn of 2020. The second will be delivered in November 2021 and the third in 2023. The two new ferries have a capacity of 2,377 lane meters and 2,517 lane meters, respectively, and both carry up to 1,400 persons onboard.

The Brittany Ferries vessels are the 11th and 12th Stena E-Flexer vessels in the RoPax class developed by Stena RoRo and delivery is slated for 2024 and 2025.

The four most recently ordered ferries are equipped for LNG operation, which means, says Stena RoRo, that they can run on LNG, biogas or other new fuels such as ammonia.

In addition, the ships now ordered will also be equipped with a large battery hybrid package providing 10 MWh of power for propulsion and maneuvering in port. They will also be equipped with an 8 MW electric shore connection for charging the batteries, The large battery capacity enables speeds up to 17.5 knots on battery power alone.

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