OSM Thome takes role in zero-emission bulk carrier project

Written by Nick Blenkey
Vessel that OSM Thome will manage

The initial ship design for the Pherousa Green Shipping bulkers is derived from an existing Deltamarin ultramax model, modified to include ammonia cracking technology. [Image: Pherousa Green Shipping]

Arendal, Norway headquartered ship manager OSM Thome has signed a letter of intent with Oslo-based Pherousa Green Shipping AS, which aims to build a series of six 63,000 dwt zero-emission bulk carriers. The LOI is for a collaboration that would see OSM Thome provide drawing approval, project development, and site supervision services for the vessels, then provide crew and technical management of the vessels, once constructed.

Pherousa Green Shipping will power the vessels using technology developed by Pherousa Green Technologies, which has developed an ammonia cracker, able to crack ammonia to hydrogen of ISO 14687:2019 fuel cell quality The ammonia cracker is based on the proprietary and patented Heat Integrated Wall Reactor (HIWAR) developed by its partner and shareholder Helbio S.A., a spin-off from the University of Patras, Greece.

Pherousa Green Technologies sees hydrogen as “the only realistic option for zero emissions” and that cracking the hydrogen from ammonia solves the problems posed by hydrogen’s low volumetric energy density, which makes storing sufficient quantities for voyages longer than a couple of days a major challenge.

The initial ship design for the Pherousa Green Shipping zero-emission bulk carriers is derived from an existing Deltamarin ultramax model, but it has been modified to include the Pherousa Green Technologies ammonia cracking technology.

OSM Thome has extensive expertise in supervising the design and construction of a broad range of vessel types and sizes.

“We are delighted to partner with the renowned ship management group, OSM Thome, to assist us on finalizing our forthcoming fleet of true zero-emission ultramax bulk carriers,” said Hans Bredrup, chairman of the Pherousa Group. “Our early agreement with OSM Thome ensures that crew members will be prepared and trained well in advance of vessel delivery. This proactive approach guarantees the establishment of safety measures and protocols in accordance with the guidelines for safe handling at sea

The initial fleet of six ultramax dry bulk carriers has a specific focus on serving the global copper industry which has set itself ambitious emission reduction targets, encompassing Scope 3 emissions which involve transportation to end users.

“The concept has garnered significant support, and we are actively engaging with key stakeholders in both ammonia supply and vessel end-users,” said Brederup. “This momentum is propelling us towards realizing zero-emission copper transportation, fostering a fully zero carbon supply chain from mines to destinations.”

“We really appreciate the trust that PGS has in our abilities by signing this agreement. Since the merger of OSM Maritime Group and Thome Group was finalized in May this year creating the combined entity OSM Thome, we have worked hard to amalgamate and build on the best attributes and skills of all our employees to provide real benefits for our customers,” said Tommy Olofsen, OSM Thome’s chief commercial officer. “We are looking forward to working closely with the team at PGS to ensure that this project is successfully supervised and managed to create sustainable transportation solutions.”

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