Novel LNG-fueled box ship puts deckhouse up front

Written by Nick Blenkey
Containership puts deckhouse up frony

Interesting box ship design puts accommodations forward and LNG tanks aft.

The newbuilding department of Germany’s NSB Group has developed an interesting concept for an LNG-fueled containership of 3,500 TEU capacity, including about 940 FEU of reefer containers.

One striking feature of the design is that the navigating bridge is fully forward. NSB says that putting
the deckhouse on the forecastle deck optimizes the container capacity and separates the accommodations from the IMO Type C LNG Tanks on the poop deck, which have sufficient capacity to give the ship a range of about 5,000 nautical miles under full reefer load, on the poop deck. In addition to the IMO Type C Tanks, an MGO tank provides a back up.

Reducing gas consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases were a focus of the concept.

“A modern dual fuel, two-stroke, slow speed, single-acting main engine with waste heat recovery system and a battery system for peak shaving combined with a shore power connection propel the vessel into a green future,” says NSB.

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