Bore Song to fit DeltaLangh scrubber

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 — Helsinki headquartered shipowner Bore Ltd. is to retrofit the M/V Bore Song with an exhaust gas scrubber and has selected the DeltaLangh scrubber technology originally developed by Langh Shipping.

M/V Bore Song is on charter to P&O Ferries, which has just reached an agreement for the continued charter of the vessel in the North Sea trade after the current chartering arrangements expire in December 2014.

Built in 2011, Bore Song already achieves fuel efficiency and reduced emissions with its single 12 MW Wärtsilä common rail engine, but Bore has decided to install the exhaust gas cleaning scrubber to meet new SECA limits on sulfur emissions.

John Garner, Fleet Director for P&O Ferries says: “We enjoy a strong technical partnership with Bore and commend them for this scrubber installation. It is good news for P&O Ferries as we strive to meet the new emissions requirements which come into force next year and it is good news for our customers, too.”

Håkan Modig, CEO for Bore, states: “As a shipping partner to our customer P&O Ferries, we strive to meet and come forward with alternatives towards sustainable solutions for the trade our vessel is serving. The extended charter proves that we have been able to show our commitment towards our customer. The scrubber solution chosen for M/V Bore Song is well suited for the vessel and the customer she is operating for.”

The scrubber will be supplied by the newly established Deltamarin Floating Construction Ltd, a subsidiary of the Finnish naval architecture and engineering company Deltamarin Ltd. on a turnkey basis.

The contract covers an all-inclusive conversion that will see Deltamarin Floating Construction takes care of all project management, integration engineering, class and authority approvals, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, rip-out works, construction, commissioning and start-up of the fully functioning system onboard.

The system installation will be done at a repair yard in Northern Europe within a 14 days docking period at the end of this year. Commissioning will be completed onboard the Bore Song during operation in January 2015.

DeltaLangh’s delivery consists of a combined closed and open loop scrubber system for 12 MW engine output with a patented water treatment and dewatering plant.

“The DeltaLangh scrubber provides a unique environmentally friendly scrubber solution, which also efficiently cleans the exhaust gas washing water,” says Robert Segercrantz, Managing Director for DeltaLangh. The system uses caustic soda to keep the closed loop fresh water pH at optimum level in the exhaust gas cleaning process. The water content of the residual sludge from the patented water treatment process is very low, minimizing the amount of waste. The system can alternatively also be used in an open loop mode with sea water.

The scrubber system has been in operation on Langh Ship’s M/S Laura for one and a half years and has proved its full functionality year round. Also the other four Langh Ship vessels will be equipped with a similar exhaust gas cleaning system. The scrubber system onboard M/S Laura was approved by Germanischer Lloyd in July 2014.

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