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Sunseeker to introduce yacht with MTU hybrid propulsion system

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JANUARY 24, 2019 — British luxury yacht manufacturer Sunseeker International and Rolls-Royce have agreed to present the first yacht fitted with an MTU series production hybrid propulsion system in 2020.

The new hybrid propulsion system is being presented at the Boot Düsseldorf event, January 19-27.

“Sunseeker has always led the industry by innovating and being first to market so it is entirely appropriate that we are the first luxury performance yacht manufacturer to partner with MTU Hybrid Power which will revolutionize how all customers power their boats over the coming years.” said Sean Robertson, Sales Director at Sunseeker International. “The way owners are using their boats continues to evolve with efficiency and noise reduction now as important as features and volume which all contribute to their ultimate purchase decision.”

He said the hybrid technology will feature in a brand new Sunseeker model launching in 2020 and will allow owners a choice of multiple operating modes from all-electric with zero emissions through to use of the twin 12-cylinder diesel engines delivering efficient class-leading performance.

Knut Müller, Head of Marine and Government Business at MTU, said the solution offers yacht owners significant benefits.

“Silent cruising, combined with low vibration and emission levels, offer tremendous gains in terms of on-board comfort,” he said. “High performance levels, efficiency, environmental compatibility and the flexibility of the propulsion system are of great interest today when operating a yacht.”

Completely integrated hybrid propulsion system fitted with MTU Series 2000 engines

The new Sunseeker yacht will have an integrated MTU hybrid propulsion system consisting of two 12-cylinder MTU Series 2000 diesel engines (each delivering around 1,432 kW/ 1,947 hp), on-board generators, electric propulsion modules, transmission system, batteries, control and monitoring systems and can be expanded on a modular basis.

The yacht will be provided with six different operating modes that are easy to operate, including the automated “smart hybrid” and “charge hybrid” modes, which enable all power sources to be used as required. In an “electric mode” the yacht propulsion and on-board power can be supplied continuously by the generators, providing optimisation of fuel consumption and comfort on-board for long and overnight passages. In “silent mode”, which uses power solely from the batteries, up to 40 minutes of propulsion and 120 minutes of on-board power are available with each pair of MTU batteries installed, with no emissions produced whatsoever.



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