VIDEO: LNG-fueled car carrier first newbuild with ClassNK remote survey notation

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Screen capture grom K-Line video

K-Line’s LNG-fueled car carrier Century Highway Green, recently completed by Imabari Shipbuilding’s Tadotsu Shipyard, has become the world’s first vessel to receive ClassNK’s Remote Survey (RMSV) notation on delivery.

Version 2 of ClassNK’s Guidelines for Remote Surveys, published in January 2021, sets transparent standards for remote surveys to ensure a reliability equivalent to conventionally witnessed surveys. Version 2 also includes a revision to include class notation requirements for ships that have made advance preparation for remote surveys, such as procedures to be followed by crewmembers.

ClassNK carried out its verification of Century Highway Green in line with the guidelines and, on satisfactory completion of its document/plan examination and survey, issued the ship with its first certificate with RMSV notation to be awarded to a newbuilding.

K-Line has strengthened the car carrier’s infrastructure for onboard and ship-to-land communication beyond that of conventional ships.

  • Expansion of on-board Wi-Fi: In addition to installation in the ship’s living quarters, the efficiency of vessel operations has been improved by installing Wi-Fi on the cargo deck in the engine room and in the LNG fuel-related equipment compartment.
  • Introduction of wireless communication equipment supporting explosion-proof areas: Explosion-proof LCX wireless communications equipment has been introduced in explosion-proof areas to ensure communications.
  • Introduction of 4G/LTE: The communication environment with relevant personnel and operational efficiency has been improved by utilizing high-speed broadband communication on a land cellular phone network while docked.

You can get an overview of the ship and insights into the remote survey from the videos.

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