Shell launches next-gen used oil analysis program

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Shell Marine has recently launched a new IT platform for its Shell LubeAnalyst used oil analysis program. The launch is the first step in demonstrating how Shell Marine will digitalize its service offerings to customers in the future.

The next generation Shell LubeAnalyst platform offers a simpler sample management process, which includes online sample registration and label printing, removing the need to complete sample labels manually. This helps to minimize the likelihood of errors and makes life easier for the crew onboard.

“Drawing on Shell Marine’s 30-year knowledge base of sampling, analysis and diagnostics, Shell LubeAnalyst feeds directly into maintenance programs,” says Joris van Brussel, General Manager, Shell Marine. “It provides vital insights when operating profiles or other circumstances change, such as fuel sulfur content restrictions. Enhanced lubricant analytics and reporting are driving the digitalized technical services that optimize productivity.”

Upgrades include an intuitive customer portal with personalized dashboards, interactive charts and an easy-to-use oil analysis reporting format that allows vessel managers to oversee lubricant performance across their fleets via the Shell LubeAnalyst homepage.

Users also benefit from a simple in-box highlighting action and attention comments and recommendations from Shell Marine engineers as part of the enhanced reporting functionality. Shell LubeAnalyst also gives registered owners access to Shell Marine’s complete library of recommendations covering all the key equipment and lubricant grades.

The Shell LubeAnalyst mobile app is already available. Customers will be able to read all test reports on a mobile device and use the new scan-and-go labels, turning the sample registration process into a truly digital experience.

“Digitalized technical services will be transformative because they help to take uncertainty out of some of the variables determining engine performance,” says van Brussel. “In times of change, part of our role as a trusted partner is to ensure that customers have the right information available at the right time and in the right place.”

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