Navis updates dangerous goods module of loading computer software

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Oakland, Calif., headquartered Navis has announced an upgrade to the dangerous goods (DG) module of its MACS3 loading computer software to comply with the latest update of amendment 39-18 to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. Currently, compliance with the code is optional, but it will become mandatory on all vessels starting January 1, 2020.

The MACS3 DG module controls the vessel’s compliance with IMDG stowage and segregation rules and ensures the stow and segregation are in line with the vessel design according to the document of compliance. Through MACS3, users can check the DG stow together with stability and stress conditions in order to ensure a safe vessel stow. Additionally, MACS3 is integrated with both StowMan and XVELA planning platforms to share visibility with the crew onboard.

“Due to increasing incidents on board of container vessels during recent months, the new dangerous goods segregation and stowage rules are at the top of customers’ minds” said Selke Eichler, Director of Global Customer Services for Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions. “As safety and efficiency are a top priority for Navis, we wanted to ensure that we could deliver a software in line with the new standards in a timely manner to satisfy our customers’ business needs.”

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