Kongsberg makes its Jet Control System available for its larger waterjets

Written by Marine Log Staff
Jet Control System

The Jet Control System can now be matched with S4 waterjets on vessels up to 50 meters in length

Kongsberg Maritime’s Jet Control System is now available for the company’s larger, S-series stainless steel waterjets, offering improved maneuverability and easier installation for vessels up to 50 meters in length.

The Jet Control System (JCS) is used to control waterjet steering, reversing bucket and optional interceptor functions, and can accommodate up to three control stations and can operate with twin, triple or quad steerable waterjet installations. The integrated feedback signals provide maximum accuracy in operating the waterjet hydraulic valves.

Already available on the S3/CA steel series and the A5 aluminum series and installed on over 100 craft, the highly responsive Jet Control System, will now be matched with Kongsberg’s S4-series waterjets, typically used on larger vessels such as ferries, super yachts and coastal patrol vessels.

“Extending the Jet Control System to our larger waterjet range, was a natural development in our offering to customers, and those operating larger vessels will now be able to benefit from the enhanced displays and responsiveness,” said Fredrik Appel, director products – waterjet systems, Kongsberg Maritime. “For yards, the system is easy to install, using standardized solutions, providing tailored cables and plug-in assembly. It comes factory-tested and calibrated in one unit that combines the waterjet and hydraulic components. With a typical duration of one to two days for commissioning and start-up, I’m sure this will be an attractive choice across a wide range of newbuild projects.”

The JCS’s control stations each have their own high-contrast 7-inch display, with dedicated views providing detailed information for each specific function. On the bridge, design factors such as joystick and armrest integration have been ergonomically updated, while service access solution provides high-level Kongsberg support and enhanced alarm traceability.

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