J-ENG books multiple orders for new UEC42LSH engines

Written by Nick Blenkey
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New engines use low pressure exhaust gas recirculation to meet IMO Nox reduction requirements

In a reminder that there are more than two players in the large two-stroke engine sector, Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) reports it has booked a total of six orders for its UEC42LSH engines, including the first set for the advanced 6UEC42LSH-Eco-D3 / 6UEC42LSH-Eco-D3-EGR designs which are currently in the final stages of development.

The engines have been ordered for handy size bulk carriers and small to medium size chemical tankers being built in Japanese shipyards.

The UEC42LSH engine is the successor to the best selling UEC45LSE and has been developed with an optimized rating field in response to market demand for lower output engines to meet strict EEDI regulation in the future. J-ENG says the new engines deliver a world class low fuel oil consumption that is better than that of competitor engines.

To meet IMO NOx Tier III regulations, the 42LSH-EGR engines will use J-ENG’s Low Pressure EGR System (LP-EGR), which is designed to reduce NOx emissions drastically, while minimizing the resulting fuel oil consumption penalty. LP-EGR system uses simple and compact components, treating low pressure and low temperature exhaust gas from theturbocharger outlet, and makes a contribution to improve maintainability and reduce the operation cost. Additionally, the LP-EGR system has no waste water from water treatment system and is friendly for both environment and operation.

Main particulars UEC42LSH comparing with conventional UEC45LSE:

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