Big dredge: Big RudderPropellers

Written by Nick Blenkey
Big dredge will have big rudder propellers

The three RudderPropellers for Manson Construction's new 420 foot dredge have propeller diameters of 2.8 meters.

Currently under construction at the Keppel AmFELS shipyard in Brownsville, Texas, Manson Construction Company’s 15,000-cubic-yard capacity, 420 foot long Frederick Paup will be the largest U.S.-flagged, self-propelled hopper dredge in the United States.

It will be be equipped with three Schottel type SRP 510 L FP RudderPropellers and Schottel has now released photos from its Wismar, Germany, production site that give an idea of their impressive scale.

Schottel RudderPropellers

The three RudderPropellers are powered by diesel-electric drives and feature propeller diameters of 2.8 meters and a power intake of 2,240 kW each.

A particularly long propeller arm length allows for an arrangement at the stern in portside, center and starboard positions with convenient access for future maintenance.

Schottel RudderPropellers

The 360-degree-steerable SRPs will enable the Frederick Paup to always benefit from maximum maneuverability, outstanding course stability during free sailing, and powerful thrust in the chosen direction.

The Frederick Paup is scheduled to enter operation in 2023.

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