Alfa Laval launches compact oily water separator

Written by Nick Blenkey
Compact oily water separator

PureBilge Compact (on right) is a compact version of Alfa Laval’s PureBilge oily water separator.

Alfa Laval has launched a compact version of its PureBilge oily water separator. Called PureBilge Compact it has been designed with a focus on reducing its footprint, providing easy installation and lowering the operating cost of the vessel.

The highly compact and modular solution enables smaller vessels to benefit from Alfa Laval’s proven oily water separation technology without space and installation constraints.

Its reduced footprint and hassle-free installation also makes it an ideal retrofit solution for bigger vessels struggling with filters, says Alfa Laval.

“We are delighted to bring PureBilge Compact to the market. This compact, easy-to-install, and cost-effective solution will help both small and large vessels achieve compliance for oily water separation,” says Ayla Korlof, global business manager, HSS Pure & Engine Power, Alfa Laval. “The future already looks bright for PureBilge Compact as we have received interest from shipyards specializing in smaller vessels who see our solution as the perfect fit for their designs.”

“We’re often approached by customers who are struggling to treat their bilge water effectively with their current filters,” says Rebecka Fogelquist Anthony, service development manager, Alfa Laval. “PureBilge is not always an appropriate retrofit choice for them, regardless of vessel size, as they do not require the biggest flow capacity. With PureBilge Compact onboard, our customers can now have access to a retrofit alternative suited to their needs.”

PureBilge Compact is designed for 24/7 unmanned operation, which reduces the operation cost, just like PureBilge. The lack of requirement for chemicals, adsorption filters or membranes eliminates the filter replacement cost and lowers maintenance costs.

Its continuous, single-stage operation requires less holding tank volume and provides more payload capacity. Its capacity flow of 600 liters per hour, as compared to 2,500 to 5,000 liters per hour for PureBilge, makes it significantly smaller and easy to install.

With its integrated oil content monitor, the PureBilge Compact oily water separator cleans bilge water effectively by removing oil pollution below the 15 ppm IMO requirements and, according to Alfa Laval, has the potential to reduce oil content even further, reaching below 5 ppm.

The fully automated centrifugal separation system ensures continuous high performance, regardless of variations in feed, oil shocks and rough weather conditions.

“Smaller vessels depend no less on compliance and performance than their larger counterparts,” says Korlof. “By having PureBilge technology in different sizes, we can extend the advantages of IMO- compliant bilge water system to smaller vessel segments comprising mainly of fishing vessels, passenger ships, general cargo and superyachts.”

PureBilge Compact comes with advanced EPC 70 automated control and monitoring system, which seamlessly integrates with existing Alfa Laval systems, providing a single user-friendly interface. The system is already compliant with the anticipated 2024 cybersecurity regulation.

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