Alfa Laval

Sameer Kalmar says Alfa Laval is committed on methanol R&D

Alfa-Laval joins the Methanol Institute

As more shipowners see green methanol as a path to decarbonization, Alfa Laval has joined the Methanol Institute. The company’s marine methanol solutions include its FCM (fuel conditioning module) for methanol low-flashpoint

Alfa Laval methanol expert

Alfa Laval moves ahead on methanol

With methanol gaining growing attention as the likely next step in the transition to zero-emission fuels, Alfa Laval is rapidly developing the technologies needed to take that step. As a low-flashpoint fuel,

StormGeo services include weather routing

Alfa Laval to acquire StormGeo

Upping its digital game, Alfa Laval has entered a NOK 3,630 million (about $439,000) agreement with Stockholm-based EQT Private Equity to acquire StormGeo, the weather routing and software-based decision support specialist that