ABB adds new Azipod function

Written by Nick Blenkey
ABB Azipod propulsor

With OptimE, further fuel savings are achievable for vessels powered by Azipod propulsion

A new digital solution supports crew in achieving optimum efficiency from the ABB Azipod electric propulsion system.

Called ABB Ability OptimE – Toe Angle Optimization for Propulsion, the solution automatically selects the optimal steering angle for the Azipod system. ABB says that with OptimE, further fuel savings of up to 1.5 percent can be achieved depending on a ship’s operating profile. These savings are in addition to Azipod propulsion’s ability to cut fuel consumption by up to 20 percent when compared with a traditional shaftline setup.

OptimE automatically selects the optimal steering angle for Azipod propulsion [Image: ABB]

Without requiring any additional skills from the crew, OptimE automatically adjusts the steering angle to achieve continuous optimal flow through the propulsors, taking prevailing operational needs and working conditions into account.

“Maximizing the energy efficiency of assets is a top priority for ABB and we are delighted to demonstrate yet further fuel savings and emission reductions in our Azipod propulsion systems,” said Antto Shemeikka, vice president digital services, ABB Marine & Ports. “We view the ship as a system where hardware and software operate seamlessly together to deliver maximum efficiency. We believe that every shipowner using Azipod technology will want to capitalize on the further efficiency gains enabled by ABB Ability OptimE.”

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