Miura BWMS gets closer to USCG type approval

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Miura ballast water management system

JULY 5, 2017 — Japan’s Miura Co., Ltd. reports that it has successfully completed another major milestone towards acquiring U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) type approval for its HK ballast water management system (BWMS).

The system has already obtained IMO G8 type approval from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and USCG Alternate Management System (AMS) approval.

Now, says Miura, with successful conclusion of a major environmental test in May 2017, it has completed 75 percent of the USCG type approval process and is targeting March 2018 for full completion of the process.

Currently, Miura is beginning the implementation phase of a land-based test at the Maritime Environmental Resource Center (MERC) in Maryland, an accredited independent inspection body in the U.S. It will also conduct onboard tests in the seas of East Asia.

The HK ballast water management system features a multilayer filter that captures microorganisms measuring 50 μm or larger from the ballast water, and then uses an UV reactor to sterilize them. This technology ensures that 99.99 percent of L-size organisms equal to or larger than 50 μm are captured through the filter, and microorganisms smaller than 50 μm are completely sterilized by UV.

Operation can be remotely controlled via a touch panel installed in the vessel’s engine room.

Miura says the system has already been installed in or ordered for more than 500 ships.

The HK’s filter and UV system are safe for the environment and the ship. Since no chemical or active substances are used, it is unnecessary to supply, administer and inject chemical agents, or use a neutralizer, at the time of ballast water discharge.

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