Verreault Navigation expands drydock

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Newly expanded drydock can accommodate two vessels

JULY 31, 2015—Family-owned Groupe Maritime Verreault reports that it completed Phase I of the expansion of its drydock at its Verreault Navigation facility in Les Méchins, Québec, Canada.

Following the expansion, the drydock is 800 feet long by 184 feet wide making it one of the largest in Canada. Groupe Maritime Verreault President & CEO Denise Verreault says that in Phase II of the expansion, the shipyard will widen its gate to 178 feet and deepen the drydock by five feet which should “give us more flexibility with the tides.” Verreault, whose father opened the shipyard in 1956, sys the drydock will be lengthen even further to accommodate shuttle tankers.

The shipyard, which employs about 250 workers, is located on the St. Lawrence River close to the East Coast of Canada. The shipyard repairs cargo vessels, tankers, ferries, icebreakers and cruise vessels. Once Phase II is complete, says Verreault, the shipyard will add another 100 workers and the shipyard will be able to accommodate even larger vessels. “Now, we can take two or three vesssels at the same time because of the size of our drydock and we can even accommodate two lakers at the same time,” says Verreault.

The expansion of the drydock was financed with the assistance of the Business Development Bank of Canada.

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