Vancouver Shipyards to be awarded more NSPS vessels

Written by Nick Blenkey

vancouver shipyardsThe 2012 Canadian Federal Budget calls for the investment of Canadian $5.2 billion over the next 11 years on a cash basis for the procurement of new vessels and helicopters for the Canadian Coast Guard.

The news has ben welcomed by Seaspan Shipyards whose Vancouver Shipyards has been chosen to build Canada’s Non-Combat vessels under the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS). Seaspan says that Vancouver Shipyards will be working closely with the Canadian Coast Guard to determine the timing and sequence of the additional vessels.

“We are extremely excited about last week’s announcement and are looking forward to fulfilling our commitment of providing the best quality ships to the Government of Canada, Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy” said Seaspan’ CEO Jonathan Whitworth. “The award of additional Coast Guard vessels not only shows the Government of Canada’s unwavering commitment to the Canadian shipbuilding industry, but also their commitment to Vancouver Shipyards as the winner of the NSPS Non-Combat package. We are also pleased that the additional Coast Guard vessels create and sustain a significant number of additional jobs and careers in Vancouver and Victoria. Thanks also in part to the NSPS requirement for Seaspan to invest in new technology, industrial and human resource development in the West Coast shipbuilding and ship repair industry, Seaspan’s investment commitment will now grow to over $50 million.”

Under the original Non-Combat program, Vancouver Shipyards was awarded seven new vessels for the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard. Those vessels include: two Joint Support Ships, one Polar Icebreaker, three Offshore Fisheries Science vessels and one Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel.

“Planning, hiring and the modernization of our shipyards has already commenced,” said Mr. Whitworth. “We look forward to beginning construction on the first vessel under the Federal Non-Combat program in 2013.”

The first vessel built under the program will be the Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel. Seaspan Shipyards is spending up to $200 million in facilities upgrades at its Vancouver and Victoria shipyards.

April 3, 2012

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