Davie Shipbuilding releases economic impact data

Written by Nick Blenkey
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NOVEMBER 7, 2016 — Davie Shipbuilding – Canada’s largest and highest capacity shipyard – today released key economic data on its contribution to the Quebec and Canadian economy.

In the context of recent major shipbuilding programs, Davie Shipbuilding commissioned Toronto-based supply chain specialist OMX to assess the impact the company has on the local economy as well as assist it in reaching more local and Canadian suppliers.

Davie released the following key statistics:

  • Over the past three years Davie has had a C$2.03 billion economic impact on the Canadian economy.
  • Davie contracts with 990 Canadian suppliers of which 814 are in the province of Quebec.
  • Davie directly and indirectly employs 3,004 people in Canada, the majority of which are in Quebec.
  • Davie’s average salary is higher than the regional average at C$69,479 and the majority of its workforce are family “breadwinners.”
  • During 2016, Davie will pay C$92.4 million in salaries to its direct employees at the shipyard.
  • 32% of the direct workforce is under 40 years of age
  • 141 of direct employees are on apprenticeship programs
  • Since 2012, Davie has contributed C$80.7 million in taxes to the Canadian and provincial economies

Jared Newcombe, CEO of Davie commented “These statistics reflect what we see on a daily basis. That Davie’s sphere of influence within the economy of Quebec and in the Quebec City region in particular is profound. It is not just about what happens here in Levis but rather how 814 companies in Quebec benefit from our contracts and in many instances, rely on them.”

Nicole Verkindt from the OMX added “At the OMX we study the impact that large contracts and large businesses can have on the Canadian economy and assist companies like Davie connect even more with local and Canadian suppliers. The effects these kind of businesses have on the local economy are far-reaching. Whether it is house prices or the number of hairdressers or car sales in the area, the benefits are huge and this is clear from the statistics.”

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