BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards seeks to diversify production

Written by Nick Blenkey

BAE SouthwestBAE Systems Southeast Shipyards and Moran Iron Works, Inc., have signed a teaming agreement to collaborate on the pursuit of plate steel fabrication projects for industrial plant customers. Together they will serve customers throughout the northern and southern regions of central and eastern North America.

Located in Onaway, Michigan, and Cheboygan, Michigan, Moran Iron Works, Inc., provides high quality steel fabrication products to a variety of industrial customers. It specializes in projects where precision and quality are as important to the customer as on-time delivery. With access to the U.S. Great Lakes, Moran is able to reach customers throughout the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States and Canada providing fully integrated and outfitted steel platework assemblies and modules ready to install at their industrial sites.

BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards has facilities located in Mobile, Ala. and Jacksonville, Fla., and has a long tradition of high-quality production performing naval and commercial shipbuilding new construction, modernization and ship repair. These facilities have outstanding capabilities for the fabrication and assembly of large steel plate work structures similar to those being fabricated by Moran Iron Works. Both Southeast Shipyards facilities have land and water access to the Southeastern, Mid-Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions of the United States to serve customers in need of fully fabricated structures delivered just-in-time, directly to their plant sites with minimal assembly required.

“The demand for capital and maintenance projects at Industrial Plants throughout the U.S. is on the increase”, said Tom Moran, founder and owner of Moran Iron Works. “BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards has production capability and capacity to serve our existing customers that have projects that are outside our geographic reach. We have the knowledge, experience, and customer reputation in the market and can develop and provide detailed engineering products for all parties. The respective capabilities of our companies are highly complementary and we will work together to expand our business base using an integrated approach for the benefit of our customers.”

“For the Southeast region alone, there are a significant number of industrial plants which will be modified with environmental upgrades over the next several years” said Richard McCreary, Vice President of BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards. “We are excited about the opportunity to work with industry leader Moran Iron Works to compete for these and other projects. This teaming opportunity offers us a way to diversify our product lines in a new market while fully utilizing existing capacity and balancing our workload.”

March 22, 2012

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