ME-GI engines at heart of hybrid-propulsion RO/RO newbuild duo

Written by Nick Blenkey
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The hybrid propulsion system in each RO/RO will center on two ME-GI engines. [Image: CLdN]

MAN Energy Solutions is two supply four dual-fuel MAN B&W 6S60ME-GI engines for two hybrid propulsion, 8,000 lane-meter RO/RO vessels. The 243 meter long ships are on order at South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for European short sea shipping specialist CLdN. Deliveries are set for the first half of 2025.

The hybrid propulsion system in each ship will center on two ME-GI engines (2 × 11 MW) along with MAN Energy Solutions’ proprietary EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) emissions system. Each will also be supplied with two 6 MW electric propulsion motors that will enable the ships to maintain a service speed of 16 – 17 knots in full-electric mode. Additionally, each will have two 678 kWh batteries.

While the vessels will still produce emissions during in/out port maneuvering, shore connection is provided and will offer zero emissions in port. Furthermore, each engine will be equipped with a PTO, while the vessels’ respective shafts will come equipped with a clutch ready to deliver a PTH of 6 MW.

Luxembourg-headquartered CLdN reports that, compared with its largest vessels currently in service, the new ships – the largest investment in its history – will further reduce carbon intensity by 40% while being NOx Tier III-compliant.


“In 2021, we were announced as top performer amongst our RO/RO shipping peers in Northwest Europe for CO2 emissions per tonne of freight carried,” said Gary Walker, COO shipping at CLdN. “By investing in technologically advanced ships and terminals, we enable our customers to improve their carbon footprint and support them at the same time in making their supply chains more efficient and robust. At CLdN, we pride ourselves on minimizing our environmental footprint and hybrid propulsion is an exciting step for us. Picking ME-GI engines for these vessels was a natural choice as they have become the industry standard for LNG-fueled, low-speed prime movers due to their low methane-slip and high fuel-efficiency.”

Thomas S. Hansen, head of promotion and customer support, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “This order features a technologically advanced hybrid propulsion train and having the ME-GI engines at its heart makes it a truly future-proof solution. ME-GI engines offer the industry’s lowest CO2 and methane-slip emissions for LNG-fueled vessels. The engines’ green credentials also boost CLdN’s current status as among the greenest RO/RO operators in the world, while pushing its ambition to further reduce its own carbon footprint.”

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