SCHOTTEL GmbH and elkon Electric Systems Integrators boast strong portfolios

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SPONSORED CONTENT: In 2022, SCHOTTEL GmbH purchased elkon Electric System Integrators in the goal to support the growing trend in maritime business of propulsion companies partnering with electrical integrators to design propulsion and electrical equipment custom solutions.  SCHOTTEL GmbH and elkon Electric Systems integrators portfolios are uniquely compatible and our engineers integrate the propulsion equipment, propulsion controls, and complete electrical system packages in our designs and offerings.

This strategic alliance and the combined experience in the maritime industry brings a wealth of historical knowledge of the marine business to our SCHOTTEL GmbH / elkon group.  Our customers have depended on SCHOTTEL GmbH for proven propulsion equipment capable of withstanding the rigors of the marine environment.  As a SCHOTTEL GmbH partner ekon Electric Systems Integrators will maintain this standard of performance and excellence. 

The SCHOTTEL GmbH / elkon relationship have already produced several vessel deliveries in North America, incorporating Schottel propulsion equipment and elkon electrical designs with Hybrid / Battery and dual fuel system integration. 

Elkon, established in 1980, operates with the purpose of developing, designing, manufacturing, integrating, and commissioning low-voltage electrical equipment and automation systems for the maritime industry.

elkon Electric System Integrators has proudly served the European shipbuilding industry since its beginning and has collaborated and partnered with shipyards across Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, Middle East, South America, and beyond.  Our valuable partnerships with frontline equipment manufacturers such as ABB, Schneider Electric, DEIF, Danfoss, Vacon, Lyngsoe, Wartsila, Corvus and many others have pushed the technology envelope and provided vessel owners many options that promote efficiency, lower operating cost, greener operations, and compliance with environmental requirements from government agencies.     

elkon’s continued success is a direct result of elkon’s ability to attract and maintain our most valuable resource, our employees.  With a vast engineering team of more than 80 accomplished electrical engineers, 150 highly skilled electrical technicians, and elkon’s innovative business and management professionals, elkon is pushing the boundaries of our markets and the next generation’s designs for a cleaner and more sustainable marine business.


2021 was a special year for SCHOTTEL as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding.  Started in a small German village on the Rhine, our founder wrote shipping history by inventing the rudder propeller that is steerable through 360 degrees.

Since then, SCHOTTEL has grown continuously with the development, production, and sales of marine propulsion systems. Today, our solutions have made the seven seas their home. What we do, we do wholeheartedly: in all areas, according to the same high standard, all over the world.  Locally in in North America we have a dedicated team of professions with true 24/7 support, workshops, and a well-stocked warehouse.

SCHOTTEL has always been strong globally in the ferry market where we offer efficient, safe and environmentally friendly propulsion systems.  Our portfolio is flexible to meet various vessel designs and operational needs. 

Look us up at the Ferries Conference.  Together we are stronger, more resilient, and eager to support your projects.

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