Norway’s latest zero emission ferries feature PBES battery systems

Written by Nick Blenkey
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M/F Gloppefjord

FEBRUARY 1, 2018 — Norway’s two latest battery operated, zero emission ferries feature 1MWh battery systems supplied by PlanB Energy Storage (PBES).

Built for ferry operator Fjord1 by Turkey’s Tersan Shipyard and designed by Multi Maritime AS, the ferries, the M/F Gloppefjord and M/F Eidsfjord, service the E39 highway route on the 2 km crossing between the Anda and Lote docks.

“Anda-Lote is a vital link for Western Norway,” said Grant Brown, Vice President Marketing at PBES. “We are extremely happy to have been chosen to supply powerful and reliable PBES batteries for these innovative vessels. PBES remains committed to providing the best quality, Norwegian built energy storage for the ferry industry.”

The zero-emissions ferries are part of the ongoing push for zero and low emission public transportation in Norway. Each 106 m vessel can carry 120 automobiles and 349 passengers on the eight minute crossing.

In 2017 PBES installed more than 15 MWh of energy storage in marine applications around the world, making it the leader in delivered product in the industry. The PBES energy storage system has been engineered to the highest standards of performance and safety and is designed to seamlessly integrate with the electrical infrastructure on the vessel.

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