Ultra Deep orders 142 m DSCV

Written by Nick Blenkey
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AUGUST 19, 2015 — Singapore based Ultra Deep Group (UDS) has signed a further contract with shipbuilder China Merchants Heavy Industry. It covers the construction of one Ultra Deep Installer – Multipurpose Diving Support Construction Vessel.

“We are thrilled with this contract and it affirms our company is heading in the right direction to build quality and size-appropriate vessels catered for the future market,” says Ultra Deep CEO Shel Hutton. “The current slowdown in the market allows us time to ensure our designs are optimized and customized for relevance in the oil and gas industry.”

The 142 m DP 3 vessel is set for delivery in the first quarter of 2016 and is the largest thus far ordered by UDS. It is based on the proprietary “Red Class 6027” MT design DSCV by Marin Teknikk and will be equipped with Flash Tekk’s 24-man twin bell saturation dive system.

Features of the vessel include a 400 VLT in the reinforced moon pool area.

Two 250 hp 3,000-m working depth Work Class ROVs will be housed in ROV hangers inside the vessel.

The 400 ton crane will have a depth capability to 5,200 m single fall and 3,200m dual fall.

With 1,500 sq.m open deck space and a deck strength 10 t/sq. m, the vessel can carry a wide range of project-required machinery and equipment.


  • Length overall: 142.90 m
  • Breadth molde: 27.00 m
  • Depth, Main deck: 11.00 m
  • Dead Weight: 8,000 tonMain Deck: 1,500 sq.m @ 10.0 t/sq.m
  • Capt. Deck: 650 sq.m @ 2.0 t/sq.m
  • Main Crane: Huisman 400t, dual fall 3,200 m, single fall 5,200 m
  • Trial speed 14 knots
  • Accommodations 140 persons


DNVGL + 1A1, E0, SPS, DSV-SAT, Diving System-SAT, NAUT-OSV(A), CLEAN DESIGN, DYN-POS AUTRO, COMF-C(3) V(3), ICE C, CRANE, HELDK-SH, DK(+), BIS, Winterized Basic.

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