Rapp Marine building 150-ton AHC crane for Otto Candies

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Rapp Marine will deliver its largest AHC crane to date

APRIL 3, 2015—Deck machinery and towing equipment specialist Rapp Marine will engineer and manufacture its largest crane to date—a 150-ton Active Heave Compensated (AHC) crane—for privately held Otto Candies LLC, Des Allemands, LA, under a recent agreement between the companies.

Commenting on the new crane order, Rapp Marine U.S. CEO Johann Sigurjonsson says “We’re excited for the new challenge presented to us by Otto Candies LLC. Our extensive track record in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing heavy lift deck machinery and marine cranes equips us to develop an impressive crane for the market.” Rapp Marine has engineered and manufactured about 450 cranes to date.

Otto Candies operates a number of U.S. and foreign flag offshore service vessels, towing vessels, dive support vessels, and crew boats.

The new AHC crane will be capable of lifting 150 tons at 17 meters, and it will be certified by Lloyd’s Register. With Active Heave Compensation and a winch capable of storing 3,100 meters of 77mm wire rope, the crane will be fully outfitted for subsea operation. The crane model was designed by Rapp Marine’s engineer Helge Stakkeland out of Norway, using proven techniques and technologies to that will increase performance and reduce the weight of the crane.

Rapp Marine anticipates that this new AHC crane will be the first of many capable of lifting heavy loads for offshore vessels in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and offshore oil and gas regions around the world. Rapp Marine has maintained a working relationship with Otto Candies LLC for many years, providing Electric Active Heave Compensated heavy lift winches as well as service support for several of Otto Candies’ vessels. Rapp Marine was chosen for this project because of its knowledge of heave-comp and their service record.


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