New Delaware offshore wind legislation heads for signature

Written by Marine Log Staff
Delaware Gov. John Carney is expected to sign the new Delaware offshore wind legislation into law.

Delaware Gov. John Carney is expected to sign the new Delaware offshore wind legislation into law.

The Oceantic Network is applauding the passage by the Delaware Legislature of the Climate Change Solutions Act of 2023 (Senate Bill 265). More commonly referred to as the Delaware Energy Solutions Act of 2024, the new Delaware offshore wind legislation allows up to 1,200 MW of offshore wind energy procurement, encourages regional cooperation, and importantly includes provisions that will allow for streamlined development of onshore transmission, thus building a stronger regional market from which the state will benefit.

The bill now heads to Gov. John Carney, who has previously pledged his support, for final signature.

When signed into law, Delaware will join other U.S. East Coast states as an active buyer of offshore wind power generation with its new procurement goals and authority. The Oceantic Network says that its passage will also allow the state to capture even more of the economic benefits sparked by offshore wind development, including well-paying jobs associated with the area’s developing offshore wind supply chain.

Delaware residents may have already witnessed massive wind turbine components sailing up the Delaware River, aided by local pilots, for final fabrication in New Jersey, notes the Oceantic. These maritime jobs will only grow as a major wind port finishes construction in the Delaware Bay, and Maryland and New Jersey’s first offshore wind projects begin construction. The University of Delaware has been a leader in offshore wind policy and today provides the industry with well-trained graduates. And Crystal Steel Fabricators, headquartered in Delmar, emerged as an early and important steel provider with components coming out of its Eastern Shore facility in Federalsburg, Maryland.

“Passage of the Delaware Energy Solutions Act represents a pivotal moment for Delaware and an important milestone for the offshore wind industry up and down the East Coast,” said Sam Salustro, vice president of strategic communications at Oceantic Network. “Delaware has always been an offshore wind pioneer and critical thought leader in the industry. The state now takes its rightful place as an active offshore wind state ready to play an important role supporting development of the regional supply chain. In addition to setting up a procurement process for the state’s first projects, the bill strengthens the wider market by creating processes for transmission siting so offshore wind energy can power people’s homes and businesses.

Following passage of the new Delaware offshore wind legislation, the Oceantic Network says that it is looking forward to continuing to support the state in building a strong supply chain.

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