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ZF Marine Propulsion launches new products at SMM

Written by Nick Blenkey
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The new ZF W10000 transmission, a new generation transmission for the offshore and tugboat markets, available with ratios from 2.0 to 7.9:1

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 — Developments announced by ZF Marine Propulsion at this year’s SMM event in Hamburg, Germany included introduction of a new ZF W 10000 workboat transmission family and the launch of the ZF 3300 PTI, expanding the company’s product offering in its already established hybrid-ready portfolio.

ZF W10000

The brand new ZF W10000 transmission family of transmissions is designed specifically for the commercial vessel segment.

“We spent a lot of time talking to themarket, but more importantly, listening to the market”, said ZF Marine’s André Körner, Head of Product Line, Commercial and Fast Craft. “The W10000 is the direct result of market feedback.”

Designed predominantly for the offshore and tugboat markets, the W10000 is rated to 2,610kW (3,500hp) @ 2,100rpm.

The W10000’s new compact design increases power density compared to the current offerings in this range.

It is based on ZF Marine’s standardized platform for component sharing, reducing complexity and increasing service parts availability.

The new transmission is available at launch with ratios from 2.0:1 up to 7.9:1.

“Here, too, we responded to market demand” said Mr. Körner. “Our customers are requesting deeper ratios and the W10000 delivers.”

The transmission can be ordered in reversing, non-reversing and hybrid-ready (PTI) versions.

W10000 transmissions also incorporate an integrated shaft brake, a powerful 1000kW (1340hp) Top PTO, and has many accessories including ZF Autotroll, available for various applications and vessels with dynamic positioning requirements.

SMM 2014 also saw the launch for the new ToughGear™ brand from ZF Marine. ToughGear™ represents the ZF “W” series transmissions, transmissions designed from the ground up for the most rigorous duty cycles in the most challenging environments.

“For many years ZF has been supplying transmissions to the workboat market,” said André Körner. “We see that people will repower vessels, yet the ZF transmission remains in place dutifully turning engine power into thrust. Many times operating in seriously challenging environments. Time and again our customers tell us, “I run my vessel hard, and these ZF transmissions are some really tough gears”. It was time for ZF to give our “W” series transmissions the recognition they deserve.”

ZF 3300 PTI

Expanding the ZF Marine Propulsion hybrid-ready product portfolio, the ZF 3300 PTI is designed to be powered through standard diesel engine input, or via alternate power source through a Power Take In (PTI).

The new transmission is a hybrid ready solution suitable for all types of high speed pleasure and commercial applications. The ZF 3300 PTI is designed with the flexibility to be integrated into a wide variety of hybrid vessel propulsion solutions.

The ZF 3300 PTI is rated up to 1,940 kW (2,600 hp) at 2,450 rpm offering a wide range of basic ratios from 3.00 to 5.00 (incl. PTI ratio with spur gear up to 16.25). As with most ZF marine transmissions, the ZF 3300 PTI can be configured to any application in the appropriate power range, for both commercial and fast craft vessels. As such the transmission is available with a whole host of optional accessories. This includes Top, Live, and Pump PTO compatibility, as well as the optional trailing pumps. The ZF 3300 PTI, like all ZF marine transmissions can be classed based on the requirements of the vessel.

The new ZF 3300 PTI builds on the well-established foundation created many years ago when the popular ZF 3000 series transmission was introduced.

Like any product from ZF the 3000 series continues to evolve. The latest enhancements include upgraded shifting and engagement technology first seen on the recently introduced ZF 5000 series transmission family. This newest generation shift technology provides nearly instantaneous gear engagement, while increasing on board comfort with reduced feel of the actual engagement itself.

ZF’s Autotroll trolling feature is designed for continuous operation for periods such as while docking, when station keeping, or in dynamic positioning,where the vessel requires a propeller speed below engine idle.

The new ZF 3300 PTI Transmission brings the latest in hybrid-ready propulsion technology for the pleasure and commercial vessel market in the 1,940 kW (2,600hp) range


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