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Wärtsilä solution picked for Evergas LNG newbuilds

Written by Nick Blenkey

evergas 340APRIL 15, 2013 — A series of 27,500 cu.m LNG carriers ordered by Danish operator Evergas, the former Eitzen Carriers, will be equipped with a wide range of Wärtsilä systems and equipment.

The ships are being built by China’s Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering (SOE) and are of a new design, developed in-house by SOE’s design department together with Evergas.

They will be delivered from SOE’s Qidong shipyard, which will also design, engineer and fabricate the LNG cargo tanks.

Wärtsilä will supply the dual fuel engines, LNG fuel system and gas plant system on the vessels. In addition to LNG, the ships will be able to carry and reliquefy Ethane and LPGs with the cargo handling package supplied by Wärtsilä.

“The customer’s essential requirements for these vessels are to achieve the operational and fuel efficiencies needed to optimize their operating costs, while at the same time complying with the upcoming Tier III environmental regulations,” says Aaron Bresnahan, Vice President Sales, Wärtsilä Ship Power. “The advanced technology solution to be provided by Wärtsilä, whereby the cargo handling system, the gas supply system, and the propulsion machinery are fully integrated with each other, will make the vessels the most modern and environmentally sustainable LNG carriers ever built.”

Martin Ackermann, CEO of Evergas says, “We have enjoyed a lengthy and trusted relationship with Wärtsilä. This, together with Wärtsilä’s relentless efforts in understanding and adapting to our demands, has enabled us to successfully achieve a total integrated solution. I am convinced that our DRAGON 27500 series will be a benchmark in the LNG carrier markets.”

The vessels will operate primarily on liquefied natural gas (LNG) using Wärtsilä dual-fuel engine technology. This will enable them to comply with current and anticipated environmental legislation, including IMO Tier III regulations. The Wärtsilä technology, however, also provides operational flexibility and redundancy, since it allows the possibility to utilize various conventional fuels in addition to LNG. The integrated LNG fuel system enables the vessel to operate on natural gas independently of the cargo carried.

Efficiency and fuel savings are also gained through the Wärtsilä Energopac rudder, which because it streamlines the water flow from the propeller, lowers resistance and increases propulsion power.

The integrated systems contract enables a range of individual Wärtsilä solutions to be combined into a fully optimized package. Engineering and delivery of the complete cargo plant in combination with the gas fuel supply system and propulsion plant is enabling Wärtsilä to optimize the vessel’s complete energy consumption. An example of the benefits of this approach is the integration of the LNG supply system with the cargo handling system so that it can be used to cool the cargo. In so doing, less energy and power is needed to keep the cargo temperature suitably low, thus providing a more efficient and environmentally sound overall system.

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