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Wallenius-SOL orders LNG fueled RO/ROs

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Ships will be largest RO/RO vessels built to Ice Class 1A Super

A new Swedish shipping company has ordered a series of LNG fueled newbuilds at Chinese shipbuilder CMC Raffles that will be the largest RO/RO vessels thus far built to Finnish/Swedish Ice Class 1A Super.

The new company — Wallenius SOL — will transport forest products and other goods in a network covering the Gulf of Bothnia, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Founders are the two shipping companies Wallenius and Swedish Orient Line, SOL. The first customers to sign long-term agreements are Stora Enso and Metsä Board.

“Together we can offer a strong mix of experience and competence, which can support a growing forest industry,” says Ragnar Johansson, Managing Director Wallenius SOL. “Wallenius has experience from industrial shipping, shipowning, shipbuilding and ship management. SOL brings the competence of logistics from forest industry and other types of cargo in this geographical area.”

”We rely on efficient and sustainable transports for our products,” says Knut Hansen, SVP Logistics Global, Stora Enso. ”The partnership with Wallenius SOL will enhance our opportunities to compete globally, while at the same time the new vessels will reduce environmental impact.”

Initially, Wallenius SOL is operating five vessels on behalf of Storo Enso. It will build up to four of the LNG fueled newbuilds, with deliveries planned for 2021.

They will be classed by Lloyd’s Register and fly the Swedish Flag.

Designed by Denmark’s Knud E. Hansen, they will be 241.7 m long and 35.2 m wide with a capacity of 5,800 lane meters and a service speed of 20 knots.

Each will be equipped with two Type C LNG tanks.

Vessels have been designed by Denmark’s Knut E. Hansen
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