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VIDEO: Eco-friendly Viking Line newbuild to have Climeon WHR

Written by Nick Blenkey
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AUGUST 8, 2017 — Åland, Finland, headquartered Viking Line is to fit a full scale Climeon waste heat recovery (WHR) system in the new passenger cruise ferry it plans to build at China’s Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co.

The energy-efficient vessel will be 218 m in length and have a gross registered tonnage of about 63,000 tonnes. Passenger capacity will be 2,800 people, and the length of its cargo lanes will be 1,500 m.

Environmental considerations and energy efficiency will be very important in planning and building the ship and Stockholm, Sweden, headquartered Climeon says that it has received a repeat order from Viking Line for its system to be an integrated part of the new vessel and in the process, deliver nine times as much clean power from the engine waste heat as from the Climeon installation made on the LNG-fueled Viking Grace in 2015.

“We are happy to see that one of our first customers have chosen to place a repeat order for a full-scale installation on their newest passenger ferry,” says Cimeon CEO Thomas Öström. “For us this is a big step, it gives us confirmation of our technology and proves the commercial viability of our product. We look forward to a continued partnership with Viking Line as they renew their fleet.”

Viking Line is a ferry operator in the Baltic region and has seven vessels going between Finland, Sweden and Estonia. 6.6 million passengers travel with Viking Line every year. In 2013 Viking Grace was built and she was the first ship that was built with LNG as fuel. After personnel, energy is the second biggest cost for Viking Line and therefor energy efficiency is crucial. Viking Line is continuously working to find solutions that are both economically and environmentally profitable.

“We have been looking at different organic rankine cycles and the efficiencies of those equipments have been very low,” says Kari Granberg, Manager NB Project & Technical Development at Viking Line. “When we discovered the Climeon Heat Power system, we found that it was a suitable solution for us. With the Climeon Heat Power system we can save money and at the same time clearly decrease our carbon footprint. We have now decided to include the Climeon Heat Power system as we develop new vessels and are evaluating the possibility of rebuilding our existing vessels so that the technology can be used throughout our existing fleet”

Johan Larsson, Head of Sales Maritime, at Climeon says ” On vessels such as these , Climeon can produce as much as 1 megawatt of power, which can reduce the cost of fuel up to 5%. Saving energy means saving money and with Climeon, it means being environmentally friendly at the same time”.

Johanna Boijer-Svahnström , Corporate Communications at Viking Line comments ” Viking Line has great ambitions regarding the environment. With Climeon this progress is accelerated.”


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