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Tuco Marine to be represented by Defence Unlimited International

Written by Nick Blenkey
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12 m ProZero patrol boat

AUGUST 6, 2018 — Denmark’s Tuco Marine has recently appointed Canadian-based Defence Unlimited International, to be the exclusive representative for its ProZero defense line of boats in specific geographical regions.

Defence Unlimited International and its strategic partners have a long history of operating worldwide, and its management has a long history of selecting and assembling qualified teams of professionals to engineer and deliver mission support and hands-on training.

The ProZero series comprises Fast Rescue Boats, Workboats and Daughter Craft. The vessels for the defense industry are specially designed and include fast and light patrol boats, interceptors, riverine and multi-mission patrol boats.

“We are extremely pleased about the new collaboration with DUI, and we do hope that it can develop over the coming years,” says Tuco Marine Group Managing Director Jonas Pedersen. “DUI will be responsible for regional sales of ProZero boats to clients in the defense and security sector. We are delighted to see Defence Unlimited Internationals enthusiasm regarding the ProZero boats.”

The composite built ProZero boats are available in a multitude of variations. Thanks to Tuco’s modular design and production platform, they can be rapidly reconfigured to meet any requirement. With the modular platform, even very high levels of customization do not compromise Tuco’s short delivery time and it is possible to produce customized vessels that are targeted towards very diverse operational roles, e.g. interception, patrol and command operation. Cockpit layouts are arranged to maximize the use of modern mission management and electronic support for situational awareness and a principal aim of Tuco is to secure that the ProZero vessels outperform the current market standards in terms of long-term reliability and serviceability.

Tuco says the proven ProZero hull provides an excellent ride and ensures high-level performance in rough sea conditions where most vessels must give up. Combat and defense missions in rough seas are mainly limited by human factors which is why the ProZero boats have been developed with particular attention to shock mitigation and reduction of adverse effects of the surrounding environment on both humans, equipment and the boat itself.

The hull design is based on the tried and proven hull from Tuco’s Guard Series which Tuco has produced and continuously developed since 2002.

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