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SKF introduces new water-lubricated sterntube solution

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 — Gothenburg, Sweden, headquartered SKF has launched a new water-lubricated sterntube solution – Simplex BlueRun – that conforms to VGP 2013 and PolarCode regulations.

The range includes Simplex BlueRun polymer bearing bushes, carrier bushes, a tail shaft monitoring system and a water quality system.

The Simplex BlueRun sterntube bearing bushes are available in split and non-split versions. Both options can be used for fresh and sea water, as well as for open and closed water-lubricated sterntube systems. In addition SKF also offers carrier bushes which are fixed to the sterntube, made of bronze. They contain the water-lubricated Simplex BlueRun sterntube bearing bush, according to the so-called “bush in bush principle.”

SKF’s Simplex BlueRun water quality system filters and treats seawater and then pumps it through the sterntube bushes for lubrication, cooling and flushing purposes. With this process, overheating is avoided and any solids, which might damage the system, are safely removed. Designed to operate on a stand-alone basis, or as a fully integrated part of the ship’s control and monitoring system, this SKF solution can be operated in an unmanned engine room.

SKF’s Simplex BlueRun tail shaft monitoring solution provides continuous and reliable information to enable the planned replacement of bearing bushes. Two identical eddy current sensors are installed in the bearing bush. The sensors are connected to an evalution unit and measure contactlessly the position of the shaft. The measurement takes place with a non-rotating shaft, so that only the wall thickness of the shaft’s bearing bush determines its position. The optimum performance of the bearing is ensured until the specific wear limit is reached.

The new range can be combined with SKF’s Simplex seal systems such as the Simplex lip-type seal, Simplan face-type seal and Carboplan Surface axial face-type seal. ]

Michael Zollenkopf, Technical Director Shaft Components at SKF comments: “With the introduction of SKF’s Simplex BlueRun water-lubricated sterntube systems, operators can choose another environmentally friendly Simplex solution. The new bearing bush material has been tested under real conditions for more than 11,000 hours. Thus, customers will get a reliable solution for all kinds of vessels, including ships operating in coastal or special protected areas such as cruise liners, ferries, offshore supply or container vessels or fishing boats.

SKF’s Simplex BlueRun tail shaft monitoring solution


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