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Seaside LNG acquires Clean Jacksonville LNG bunkering barge

Written by Marine Log Staff
Clean Jacksonville is has been acquired by Seaside LNG

Delivered in 2018 by Conrad Shipyard, the Clean Jacksonville is America’s first LNG bunkering vessel

Seaside LNG reports that it has acquired the LNG bunkering barge Clean Jacksonville from TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, LLC, a subsidiary of TOTE Group, LLC.

Seaside LNG’s maritime transportation company, Polaris New Energy, has contracted to continue fueling TOTE’s Marlin Class LNG-fueled containerships and other commercial customers with its fleet of LNG bunkering barges. The Clean Jacksonville recently reached a significant milestone by successfully completing its 300th bunkering at the Port of Jacksonville, Fla.

Seaside now has the largest fleet of LNG barges operating in the United States.

“Seaside continues to expand its ability to bring environmentally-friendly LNG to the shipping industry with our partnership in JAX LNG and our investments in growing the LNG barge fleet,” said Tim Casey, CEO of Seaside LNG. “Use of LNG as a maritime fuel delivers substantial environmental and public health benefits by dramatically lowering emissions of NOx, SOx, CO2 and particulate matter. By purchasing the Clean Jacksonville, our team gains not only a new customer and valuable operating partner, but also the opportunity to expand our fleet operations geographically.”

In addition, Polaris has entered a long-term contract that will see TOTE Services, LLC, a separate subsidiary of TOTE Group, continue serving as the technical manager of the Clean Jacksonville. The Clean Jacksonville complements the bunkering services of Polaris’ 5,500 cubic meter Clean Canaveral, which operates along the coast of the southeastern U.S. and is the largest LNG bunkering barge in the Jones Act market.

Polaris also has a second 5,500 cubic meter barge, the Clean Everglades, under construction which is scheduled for delivery by end of 2023.

“TOTE Services’ experience in bringing LNG to the maritime sector is the most extensive in the industry. By working across every aspect, from vessel construction to ship management and technical expertise, we help our customers achieve their business and environmental objectives,” said Jeff Dixon, President of TOTE Services. “We look forward to continuing to operate the Clean Jacksonville safely and reliably for years to come.”

The LNG for Polaris’s vessels is loaded at the Jacksonville dock of JAX LNG, an LNG production facility and joint venture between Seaside LNG and Pivotal LNG.

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