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Romanian shipyard to add advanced panel line

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Vard Tulcea

JANUARY 23, 2016 — Loimaa, Finland, based welding and production automation specialist Pemamek has signed an agreement to deliver a thin plate panel line to Fincantieri subsidiary Vard’s Tulcea, Romania, shipyard.

The system to be delivered is a 12 m thin plate panel line with a number of advanced features. It is equipped with, web mounting and welding solution as well as hydraulic one-sided welding station, panel cutting-, blasting- and marking station. Additionally, an integrated stiffener mounting and welding system are included.

The panel line includes a robotized welding station specifically designed to weld pre-assembled T-beams, along with other secondary structures, onto the panels. The robots are equipped with Lincoln PowerWave power sources and are programmed with Pemamek’s unique operator-friendly WeldControl 200 Create software.

“We, Vard Tulcea, selected the advanced PEMA panel line to support our future needs to produce thin materials. The delivery enables us to manufacture high-quality thin panels that are particularly needed for specials ships like cruise vessels,” says Vard Tulcea VP Commercial. Mr. Marcel Băleanu.

The PEMA thin plate panel line and PEMA robotized welding station, will be built in Pemamek’s brand newly expaned development and production premises in Finland. The solution is scheduled to be installed during the summer 2017.

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