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Rolls-Royce to equip two fishing vessels on order at Karstensen

Written by Nick Blenkey
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NOVEMBER 12, 2018 — Icelandic shipowners Samherji Island and Sildarvinnslan have confirmed orders with Denmark’s Karstensen Shipyard for two identical 88 m trawl and purse seiner newbuildings whose hulls will be built in newly established Karstensen Shipyard Poland facilities in Gdynia.

Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine has been selected to deliver an extensive package of ship equipment to both ships,

Hull #452 will be named Vilhelm Þorsteinsson and is scheduled to be delivered to Samherji Island in June 2020, while #453, to be named Börkur, will be owned by Sildarvinnslan and is scheduled for delivery in December 2020..

Karstensen Shipyard says it is delighted with the new contract, which not only underscores the shipyard’s position as a prime designer and builder of larger pelagic fishing vessels, but is also a major breakthrough in the Icelandic market.

The list of Rolls-Royce equipment specified for the two identical vessels comprises:

  • two six cylinder Bergen B33:45 diesel engines
  • one Promas propulsion and maneuvering system, and gear
  • one steering gear
  • three tunnel thrusters
  • one Helicon X3 control system
  • low-pressure hydraulic winches and control systems. In total 17 winches are to be delivered to each vessel, adapted to trawl and purse seine fishing.

Asbjørn Skaro, Director Systems & Deck Machinery – Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, said: “We are proud to be selected once again as a key supplier to the advanced Icelandic fishing industry. The Danish Karstensen shipyard is an experienced builder of this kind of tonnage, and the two trawlers will be equipped with advanced and energy efficient systems developed for operations in a harsh environment.”

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